Reference # 1. Falaco Soliton magnetic analog experiments

Email 3/4/05 Frank Stenger to Jim Ostrowski:

BTW, Jim, a small point but I wanted to make it clear that in my
"pepsi can in a motor" demo, BOTH windings are kept active
all the time. In its former life as a pump motor, the starting
winding and capacitor were switched out by a centrifugal switch
after the motor was up to speed.
So, in a way the pepsi/motor rig as shown on your site is just like
the TV yokes - just in a slightly different form.

To make up for the lack of a heavy iron rotor in the bore, and the
resulting lower inductance, I had to operate the rig on 12 volts AC
from a small transformer to keep the currents in the windings in


Jim Ostrowski  3/05/05

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