Magnetic Field Therapy and Diagnostics Lab Research Instruments:

Power Pulsar 2

Electronic Muscle Tester




Motor Lab Research Projects

Turbo-Plasma Power Amplifier

New! Full Procedural Documentation -> Falaco Soliton Electromagnetic Analog Experiments (updated 04/11/11)

Dual Secondary Tesla Coil

Nele Kovacevic's "Fireball" Tesla Coil Experiments

Frank Stenger's "Egg of Columbus" Motor Demo

Rod Magnet Rotor and Starter

1 Ghz Doppler Shift Detector

Laser Tachometer PC Interface

Oscilloscope/Spectrum Analyzer PC Interface

New! TRA Labs featured chalkboard theorist test project:

 Matter Desynchronization Theory by Larry D. Adams


Stenger - Adams Single Polarization Wave Amplifier