Corum, Corum & Daum Radar Backscatter Absorption Experiment

Background Information: The "Philadelphia Experiment" allegedly was conducted by the Navy during WWII for the purposes of learning how to "absorb" radar so as not to allow reflections from enemy radar pulses impinging on a ship target to be returned. The reported effects of this experiment were so dramatic and startling that it is supposed that this is why the Navy consistently denies that any such experiments ever took place. It is alleged that not only were radar waves absorbed, but the ship became "invisible" at ordinary light wavelengths.

Not only that, according to the accounts of "Carlos Allende" in the "Allende Letters" written to UFO researcher Morris K. Jessup in the early 1950's, the ship was "teleported" to another location approximately 150 miles away, then reappeared at the original location a few minutes later. Subsequently, it was found that the crew suffered strange and severe deleterious effects, including a propensity to vanish into thin air! It is even alleged that when the ship re-appeared, some of the crew members were bodily embedded into the hull of the ship.

Among many other things, Allende alleged that, during the experiment, a greenish fog or mist appeared around the vessel. Then a "hole" in the water appeared outlining where the hull would have been were it visible.  

In 1994, the Corum brothers, K.L. Corum, J.F. Corum, Phd. , and J.F.X. Daum, Phd wrote an account of their theoretical and experimental processes relevant to this subject entitled "Tesla's Egg of Columbus, Radar Stealth, the Torsion Tensor, and the 'Philadelphia Experiment' "

Their experiment, depicted below, seems to indicate that at least Radar wave absorption is possible with fairly a simple electromagnetic configuration, and that a displacement effect occured with salt water subjected to similar field was also observed.

They also comment that if the Navy had known about these effects at the time, (it appears they must have) it would have been "irresponsible" of them NOT to at least investigate with small scale experiments. Therefore, their consistent denials that such experiments ever took place do not seem believable. 





"The Corum - Daum Effect"

corumrad.gif (11033 bytes)

1. RCS Modification: In order to obtain very large currents from a modest power supply we took our [toroidal] steel core (as a radar target simulating [a] ship's hull) and used an 8kV 10uF capacitor discharge pulse through the windings which were arranged in series. The surge current would appear to be on the order of 35 amps, which would imply a peak magnetic field strength of 17.5 kA-T/m. The transformer steel core was illuminated broadside to the doughnut with a small pyramidal horn-mounted Raytheon CK - 109  X band klystron (100 - 250 mW @ 9.98 - 11.98 Ghz) and the radar backscatter was observed with an HP X-Band crystal detector as shown [above].

A distinct difference between magnetic bias on and and bias off target backscatter was observed.

2. Brine Displacement: We immersed the [coil] in the bottom of a plastic tub of water and rock salt. When the coil was energized, water 'flew out of the tub' (Literally!).  At low power and the apparatus placed outside and under the tub, the salt water in the tub swirls around.

Experimenter's conclusionary remark: Clearly, with up to 4.5 Mw available, eddy currents in salt water would not only burrow out a hull - shaped hole in the water, but would probably levitate the ship somewhat!

Matter Desynchronization chalkboard study by Larry D. Adams

Philadelphia Experiment Disappearing Ship Theory in Plain English